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Name:Dawn Summers
Birthdate:Mar 12
Canon point: Generally played between seasons 7 and 8, after Dawn went to college, but before the the thricewise.

Full info:

Basic info: Dawn started life as a floating ball of energy, a key between the dimensions. She was transformed into a human, and made into Buffy's sister, in order to keep her out of the hands of a semi-deranged demi-goddess. It is uncertain whether she is still the key - but Dawn doesn't think she opens anything if she is.

She struggles with abandonment issues, due to multiple deaths in the family, combined with the knowledge that she was created. She tends to worry that she's simply a burden, and occasionally panics at intimacy.

Despite that, she has a tendency to do whatever she thinks needs to be done - occasionally disregarding personal consequences.

muse and mun are 18+

mun is male if anyone cares.
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